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Info about brendanolen

Real name: Brenda Nolen

Website: http://www.wildforager.org

If you would like to join me on Facebook, here's my page: Sustainble Home Facebook Page

Sustainable living is doing everything we can to rely less and less on forces outside our homes for our daily lives. While we all need money, there are so many things we can do to lessen that amount dramatically, thereby relying more on ourselves and our own skills.

What pops into your head when you hear sustainability? Not sure? How about survivalist? Remote wacko with way too many guns that the FBI and ATF are always after? Some may be that way, bur far more are simpler than that. I view the majority of survivalists simply as realists. Their heads are not in the clouds, dreaming about buying the next new car. They are preparing themselves for any unfortunate incident that may occur down the road. Although some may prepare for an impending social or political revolution, most are preparing for unemployment, homelessness, natural disasters, and other events that can disrupt their lives.

My family's goals for sustainability are to have a house on a number of secluded acres. We will have multiple heating sources for the house that utilize wood. We will have a wood cook stove, a fully functioning outdoor kitchen (utilizing wood), an outdoor bake oven, an extensive food storage system including a root cellar, an area for canned and dried goods, and a "meat locker". We are not 100% sure we want to live completely off-grid (no outside electricity), but we will use the least amount possible either way. We have one small gas generator, but will acquire a larger one (just in case).

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