I have been a supporter of Fred Thompson since I first heard there was a chance he may run for President. He seems to be forthright and honest, with no wavering in his convictions. I can't wait to see him in a debate but when am I going to see him in a debate? I received notification of the "Family Values" debate, and contacted Mr. Thompson hoping he would accept their invitation.

I was listening to a radio program that I just discovered and I heard AGAIN how wonderful Ron Paul was so I decided to check him out. I spent a good three hours watching clips on YouTube (this clip was the most impressive: Candidates@Google: Ron Paul). I didn't watch the "this is my tribute to Ron Paul" videos. I watched interviews and clips of the debates he has participated in. I was impressed! Everything everyone was saying about him was true! He does want to eliminate the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, and many other departments within the government. His reasoning is these bureaucracies are inefficient and more problematic than they are efficient. Ron Paul also DOES want to do away with the income tax, property taxes, and many others that are unnecessary to run the government if spending is also curtailed (especially since income tax only accounts for about 3% of all taxes collected).

I thought seeing Fred Thompson and Ron Paul in a debate together would help me cement who I would support for President. So, tonight I tuned into the "Family Values" debate. I was excited. Then, the candidates were introduced. It would seem that the top 4 Republican candidates (and all of the Democratic candidates) did not feel the need to attend. Those 4 candidates are Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and FRED THOMPSON! According to his blog, he was in Florida so why didn't he go? Is he already too "big" to debate with anyone but the first tier candidates?

I enjoyed the debate but three hours was a bit much (my eyes were drooping toward the end of the second hour). I noticed there was a lot of pandering going on. Alan Keyes (at least it felt like this to me) concluded that almost every ill could be prevented or stopped by getting rid of abortions.

When asked what role their faith played in their lives, this is how some answered: Alan Keyes was raising his voice like a preacher, tapping the podium, emphasizing the United States is in the position it is because we have forgotten the power and glory of God. Mike Huckabee talked about how he used to be a preacher. Sam Brownbeck spoke about how when he was ten he was struck by Jesus and became born again. Ron Paul said that he looks to the teachings of Jesus, and how he taught about peace and that any war we fight needs to be a moral war.

Overall, I do not think the majority of the Republican candidates get it. We need to learn to truly embrace the text and intent of the Constitution. We do not need to keep going in the same direction, with the Democrats actually looking like they are more fiscally responsible than the Republicans. We need someone like Ron Paul to pull us back to the roots of our Republic. So, I will be changing my voter registration to Republican so I can vote for Ron Paul.