About 30 years ago my two children came down with the chicken pox. It was so bad it was in their mouth, bottom of feet and between their legs. They were driving me crazy with the whining, and when they werent whining they picking each others scabs. There wasn't much I could do.
A friend came over and asked me to go to a herbal store with her. I had never been to one. While she was looking I was complaining about the kids. The man who owned the store interupeted us and told me I could cure chicken pox from the inside out and put a stop to the itching and whining. It worked. For 3 hours and maybe 50 minutes there was no itching, crying, and whining. It wasnt quite 4 hours so I could be off on the min. My daughter was 7 and i was told to give her 1 and 1/2 tablets of L-lysine. My son was 3 and he got a whole tablet. I had to crush these up and sprinkle sugar and a couple drops of water on a tsp for them to swallow it then give them water. It was great. Since then I treated my other two kids this way and told many people about this. My granddaughters were vaccanated and they got a terrible case of chicken pox. I told my daughter to get the L-lysine and they were better in a week.
If you go to a pharmasist they will tell you that L-lysine will help with cold sores, fever blisters and stuff like that there are three things cant remember the third. This is correct but what he won't tell you is that this amino acid builds up white blood cells and help with flu, colds, teeth, infection and more. I have experimented on herbs before I give them to the kids, unless I trust the source. In this case I did. and it worked. You can get this at herbal stores, GNC's, and Wallmart maybe Kamart not sure. enjoy the peace and quiet for a little while when these poor kids get chicken pox.