It has been an interesting couple of months. Our original host was having issues that caused down time and slow server repsonce. We spent two months researching web hosts so that we wouldn't have these problems. We chose a web host and moved in June. Soon after moving the our host began having problems that were even worse than the first host. After less than month we were forced to admit that we had to move web hosts again.

We moved web hosts for the second time in 30 days over the Independence Day weekend, so much for my 4 day weekend. Little issues have cropped up that should finally be resolved. In the past month the latest host has proven to be stable and we are happy with things as they are now.

I am looking forward to not having to move web hosts for some time. There is a planned web host move between January and March 2007 when we will be moving to a dedicated server. This will allow us to expand the offerings at in many ways, including a lot more room for the downloads section.