Yes I have been seriously slacking with my Blog and Web Space here at . Honestly I have been slacking in almost everything for the last few months due mainly to my back/neck surgery in April.

I have been unable to do much of anything, the Dr's orders, but sit around the house and stay bored silly. I go back to the Dr Monday for my 3 months followup, hopefully the fusions have healed enough so I get rid of that infernal cervical collar. Then it will be time to start Physical Theropy and start getting movement back in my neck and regain the strength in my arms. Suprising how much strength one looses when forced to sit around and do absolutely nothing for 3 months.

Yesterday I took out my Get Home Bag and started going thru the contents. I have been needing to do this for some time but something else always seemed to come up and I would totaly forget about it. With the condition of my back now days I am being forced to lighten the load in the pack, that way if I do need to abandon the vehicle and walk back I will have a more managable weight to carry.

Another item I am having to reconsider is the small waist pack that I use for my Every Day Carry (EDC) Kit. Basically this is a small 3 compartment waist pack that holds a few quick ready to use survival items, tools and a lightweight disposable poncho. Until recently this worked out very well for its intended purpose, but recently I started packing my CCW daily and find that the EDC does not carry well in combination of the belt carried CCW. Right now I am still at a loss when it comes to getting another carrier for the EDC contents.

Well, that about does it for this entry so till next time... BE PREPARED!