Yep, quiet a wile since I made a blog entry. Since my last blog entry the recovery went down hill for a couple weeks, but about a week ago things started going better and I am feeling much better. The pain was really driving me up the walls, not being able to sleep and just feeling like I had been ran over by a truck and tossed aside to suffer in misery. The pain meds helped, but sometimes pain meds make you feel worse than your already feel, but without the severe pain.

Since I was sitting around in a recliner, like almost all the time when I was not sleeping, I got to thinking about what would happen to me and my family if SHTF happened right then. I could not do anything for them other than telling them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Basically I would have been useless for anything except as an advisor.

Then I was thinking, man what would happen if the medical facilities were just gone! No way to seek medical help if problems came up, no pharmacies to get medicines from. It would be a real nightmare for those with medical conditions. A very minor condition in normal times could turn into a deadly affair under SHTF condition. A week out of the hospital and everyone in the house came down with a tummy bug. Wanna talk about pain, try puking right after having cervical spine surgery! That was really painful and it was no fun.

Anyway, we did have meds for the upset stomach, plenty of fluids to keep everyone from dehydration and light foods to start back eating once we started feeling better. Under SHTF conditions something as common as a tummy bug could be devestating. Without proper meds to calm the tummy you would throw up everything that hit your stomach. With no AC to stay cool in dehydration could set in really fast.

Having sat around in my misery, thinking about all this, I started looking at all my Medical Kits and medicine cabinet. I have several home medical kits, one is a pretty extensive one that was purchased ready made and the other is a home built kit. They both include the basic "ouch items" but have a good assortment of over the counter medicines too. I have added a number of items to each kit over the last year or so, always making sure everything is within its shelf life and really useable.

My other medical kits are really First Aid Kits and Ouch Packs. One of each is carried in each vehicle and each BOB/GHB also has an Ouch Pack. These contain the basics but will have more items added real soon. One item thats going in every kit from now own will be something to help sooth upset stomach and the runs. Would really suck to be puking your guts out when water was hard to come by and physical activity was a must.

Well, guess I have ranted on long enought this evening. So till next time. Be prepared!