Surgery was done onThursday the 27th of April and from what my wife said it took them 3 hrs in the OR and 1 hr in recovery. They released me the next afternoon and since then I have been sitting at home taking the pain meds, sleeping, watching tv and dealing with the pain that the meds dont get rid of. Swallowing anything has been a real task since I had surgery, they went in from the front of my throat to remove the disc and install the bone/steel palte and screws, so my neck has been swolen and sore making swallowing difficult.

I cant sit at the PC for more than a few minuites are a time, so my bro-in-law loaned me one of his laptops and I use it in my recliner. If it were not for the laptop my blog would be really out dated by the time I can get back on the regular PC. Laptop keyboards really suck, takes me twice as long to type anything due having to go back and make corrections.

As far as survival preps go everything is on hold till I can recover enough to do something other than sit in a recliner all day long.

Well, thats it for today.