Well, finally got a few things up on my Community Page this evening. Its pretty basic in layout, no graphics but will eventually have pics of gear, gadgets and guns, possibly a few other things to but right now its just getting started.

Needing something to start my articles off with I decided to use my Oregon Scientific WR102 Weather Alert radio for the first article. Its pretty basic, has one pic of the radio and my likes/dislikes about this particular model.

Spent a few hours surfing around some of my favorite shooting and survival forums today, and man do I miss being able to hit the range and shoot my guns. Will probably be 4-6 months before I can shoot any of my centerfires, but as soon as I recover enough from the surgery I will be hitting the range with my rimfires. One positive note about my down time and my firearms, they are ALL clean and ready to go.

That just about covers my day. So till next time Be Prepared

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