Well, spent most of the afternoon taking care of medical appoints for my upcoming neck surgery. This entailed several hours of pre registration paperwork, ekg test, lung capacity test and blood work. Had to get a couple vials of blood for routine testing then a stinking blood gas check, that one hurts because they have to take it from a main artery in the arm instead of the regular vein.

Anyway, spent a few hours last night working on some content for my Community Page (CP). Have the basic layout complete, main page and the About Me page. Still have lots to do before Thrusday because after surgery I may be off line for a week or more depending on how well things heal.

Some of the field idea's I have for my CP will obivously have to be put on hold for a few months, recovery time ya know. Cant very well hit the woods with the gear and camera right after surgery, but hey it would be great except for that infernal cervical collar I have to wear for the next 3 months.

I started digging up a lot of my Preparedness links too, should have a good resource library for the links page once I get things put togather and laoded to the server.

A few days ago I was on a smaller Preparedness forum and the discussion of water purification was brought up. One of the big topics was the use of household bleach for purifying drinking water. Well, to make a long story short you can use household, non detergent, not phosfate, non fragrant bleach but its more for disinfecting rather than purification. I will address this on my CP page in a really detailed article.

Ok, I am off to get some things done with the CP page and perhaps a few odds and ends around the house. So till next time BE PREPARED!