Welcome to rimfirehunter's blog!

Would like to thank Canuck In Denver for providing the space on his server for my blog spot and Community Page. Now that Canuck did his job its time for me to do mine and get to blogging and writting my Community Page.

About rimfirehunter

I am 40 years old, live in South Carolina USA, married to a wonderful woman and between us we have 6 children, three grown and three still growing. My intrest and hobbies are small game hunting, shooting, woods walking, camping, fishing, survival, preparedness and surfing the internet forums related to any of the above. I use the nickname rimfirehunter because I am an avide small game hunter using rimfire rifles and pistols.

Back in March I was working on my push mower and had some serious shoulder pains that would not go away. Thinking I may have pulled a muscle or two, I went to the family doctor, after 2 days of sucking it up, who treated me with anti-inflamatory meds for two weeks. After two weeks with no change, and no pain relief, he sent me to an Orthopedic who put me on steroids for a week and two weeks of Physical Theropy. Again, no change, so the Orthopedic Dr ordered an MRI of my neck, BAM! Problem found. Have two herniated disk pressing into my spinal cord, really bad, and one bulging disk constricting the nerve root and cord. So... the Orthopedic Dr recommended surgery as the only means at correcting the problem and sent me to a Neurosurgeon for a consultation and second opinion. Well... now I gotta have surgery to remove the bad disk and fuse the vertabre in order to remove the pressure off my spinal cord and relieve the pain, tingling and numbness in my shoulders and arms.

Since I am gonna be on the injured reserve list for about 4 months after surgery, I decided to make use of the time by blogging and getting something of a home page going. Cant shoot, cant fish, cant go camping so might as well do something constructive on the PC. Hey, blogging is constructive and so in putting togather a home page!

Well, that about covers everything I want to cover in my first blog post. Now its time to work on the Community Page stuff and see what I can come up with.