First of all let me say that I will never buy another Holley carb again.

Ok, so I wasn't the one that bought the carb in the first place, but since it was my girlfriend and the truck is now mine, in a way I did buy the carb. I'll buy Edelbrock and an adapter kit before I'll buy another Holley.

You may be wondering what the hell this has to do with survival. Well, the Holley 670 CFM Truck Avenger carb is on my BOV. So there is one link to survival. If the carb has a major design flaw, in my mind anyway, that can cause it to become inoperative with any level of backfire or something, then it is not a good bit of equipment to have on your BOV. That makes two links to survival.

After two years, yes TWO years, I was finally able to get someone at Holley to admit that being at between 5500 and 6000 feet above sea level, imagine that when you're in the "Mile High City" or as I like to call it the "Mile High Desert". The tech I spoke with also said it was most likely the power valve that was causing issues, and sent one off. When I told him that it was nice to get an answer after several phone calls and emails over 2 years he also sent out the jets so I can rejet the carbs for the altitude... no charge.

The thing that really pisses my off is that I suggested this when my girlfriend had her mechanic install the carb for her. It was kind of on the doggish side for a 400 cubic inch engine, but said mechanic came back with "but the box says properly jetted for most applications". Yeah, well when you read the damn instructions it says to rejet for altitude.

So right now the carb is sitting on my kitchen table, oh what fun that was to remove. Not hard or anything, but it did a number on my back and my shoulder is kind of sore. I also mounted an adjustable fuel regulator.

Let me go off on power valves on Holley carbs for a minute here. THEY SUCK! The damn things blow if you look at them wrong based on a search on the net. Some guy out there makes a doo-dad (nice technical term, eh?) to replace them for all time... but he never responded to emails or phone messages. Power valves cost about $8, so they're not that expensive, and they are near the front of the carb so they may not be that hard to replace... we'll see.

I had to take the carb off to do the secondary (rear) jets anyway, so we'll see just how difficult they are to replace when the carb is still on the engine.

I'll add more later, and I'll take a few pics while I'm at it. Got to head over to NAPA for a gasket and/or rebuild kit... I hate having to run out once something is torn apart.


Went to NAPA and picked up some hose clamps and some gaskets. The gaskets are on order and will be in tomorrow morning. Along with the gaskets they had a power valve bypass, which eliminates the power valve entirely. For $5 I can eliminate any future problems with the power valve. Well worth the price. ANyone who just has to have a Holley 670 CFM Truck Avenger should go to their local NAPA and get the power valve bypass and install it before installing the Holley carb, the NAPA part number is 735-4425.