Now available on the sidebar to the right are Survival Basics, they link to html pages on my Community Page. Below that are downloadable PDF files based on the Survival Basics pages.

Finally, I have combined the PDF files into an ebook and added some other information.

The Survival Basics series was written to answer some common questions people new to emergency preparedness and survival always ask. Instead of writing the same answer time after time I decided to create web pages that give my thoughts on those questions. They were written to be as neutral as possible. The Survival Basics series and the ebook are just the basics, enough to get someone started and to show them that they can do it.

Below is some information on on the ebook along with a picture of the cover or title page.

Canuck In Denver's
Emergency Preparedness
and Survival Basics Guide

Basic information to get you started on the road to
Emergency Preparedness and Survival - A beginner's guide.