You will note I have three group levels for survival equipment on the sidebar. It should be noted that using a higher level of equipment is just fine but is not required. It should also be noted however that you will have a better chance of meeting any needs when using a higher level of equipment. That is to say that group 1 equipment does not include the medical emergency supplies included in group 2 or 3 even though it is entirely possible you may have a need for that level of supply during a group 1 event. It is simply less likely that you will need the higher level supplies in a low level event. You shold also note that the higher the level of supply the less mobile you will be. When fully stocked at group 3 levels, you will essentially be commiting yourself to a fixed base or homestead/farmstead. Over the next few weeks I will be listing the various supplies needed or required. An example of first aid/medical supplies at a group 3 level may be found here in reply number 3 by Laughs at Hurricanes.