Hi All!!! Let me first say I am Amateur Radio Operator (AKA Ham Radio) as already talk about this in my first post. I like to give a little history of Ham Radio in 1909 the first callbook of Wireless Telegraph it listed a total of 89 amateurs stations in the USA & Canada. One of the oldest club is American Radio Relay League (AKA ARRL) which was founded in May of 1914. There is approximately 154,000 Ham in the League in the USA and about 7,000 in other countries. In Feb of 2007 the FCC ended Code (CW) at the time I writing there is approximately 731,536 Ham in the USA and another 11,501 Ham Radio Clubs in the USA. http://www.hamdata.com/index.html There is a little history of Ham Radio to date.
There is ways to find Ham in your area is you can go to http://www.qrz.com/db/ and if you are looking for club near you can go to http://www.arrl.org/find-a-club
there is other information I will include 3 PDF files for the test and yes they are up to date.
Due to 2 fellow Hams I now have which I greatly appreciated so now have radio for 80 to 2 meter ham bands I now can talk world wide and I have talk to Italy. So see Ham are friendly and helpful. Just check around if there is a flood the first people there will be fire & police then come the Hams with equipment and set-up many Hams have what we call BOB and they are not much different the ones we have. http://www.qsl.net/ares-22/gobag.htm you check it out here.
The radio I have now is a nice old tube type which is good in some ways and bad in some ways which is that I need 110v to run the power supply which has 600v out so I would need a generator to run it but this now bring me to the other thing that Hams use to do and that is to build his own equipment which I am going to start building a radio Bitx 20 which is a 20 meter radio I am looking at one call Bingo Star SSB Tri-band Transceiver the problem is I have to get the manual in English I will have to wait to see which bands I can build it in 80, 40, 30 or 20 or 17 meter bands it also both will run off battery or any 12v supply I will keep all you up-dated.
I read some where here that some one was asking about radio parts. You check out this web site I will help http://3955.us/Radio%20Components%20&%20Parts.htm
I will be posting on communication message blog and on Lone Wolf Survival and doing cheap.