For anyone who knows me, you know how I feel about food. Heck, I was just accused last week of only talking about food on Facebook! Food is life. You need money to purchase or grow food but ultimately, itís food (and water) that will get you through any life altering situation. Canít pay your mortgage? While you are waiting for the sheriffs to come knocking on your door to kick you out (which can take as much as 2 years or more) at least youíll be able to eat. Donít have electricity? If you have a bbq grill of any kind, you can cook. Store what you eat, eat what you store. Donít go by what ďthe expertsĒ say. You donít need fancy, prepackaged (and expensive) ready made 1 year food storage! If you have that now (or can afford the initial outlay of money and donít mind eating it eventually) then go for it. But start now! When you go shopping, buy two or three of an item instead of one. Do this each time you go grocery shopping, in no time you will have a few months of food storage with even one bead of sweat on your brow.