Back to more gear that will help you carry your gear. I blanket or 2, or a quilt ( like the Ugly Quilt by My Brothers keeps Project ) Also you can use house wrap (DuPont Kyvek) for many thing beside house wrap like Leggings for shelter, ground cover, made into cover around your blanket or your quilt bag to help keep you warm and dry. (see more on YOU TUBE). You need a flashlight like 9 LED light which you can pick-up at any Auto Zone or Family Dollar for under $3.00 dollar and a couple P-38 or P-51. You need a cook set ( mine is no more than a couple of tin cans of different sizes) I still looking for a small frying pan. You will need some type of pocket knife, a multi-tool. A fanny pack, which I use it for carrying Meds, I also carry a letter from your Dr. that lists all your Med's and their uses on a Dr's letter head. Important papers (certified copies of the documents) I would not be carrying the originals, that way no one can seize them and if they do the copy will do them no good or you could burn them if need be.
Here is a way to carry your clothes and gear without a backpack let take step back in time, for this check out the 3 YOU TUBE videos

So in closing I may have forgot somethings or added somethings that may not be needed at the time but some area you may need it. There is one more thing that I DID FORGET that is rain wear a large poncho and maybe legging made out of house wrap. This is made as cheap as you can and to help you get to one of cache. If I could I would have in the 4 directions small ones that will help get you to the next one on your route to your base of operations.