3 minutes without AIR
3 hours without SHELTER
3 days without WATER
3 weeks without FOOD
3 months without HOPE

AIR is all around us some times its may not be the best but its all we have for now.
SHELTER if you some tools you can be done with materials on hand, a tarp or a poncho some paracord or nylon cord around 5/32 inches. You can make a tarp out of house wrap (also know as DuPont Kyvek)
WATER we all need water, I carry 2 1 liters (pop bottles) on my belt in pouches I made out of old blue jeans pants leg. You also can make a shoulder pouch you will able to a 2 or 3 liter bottle in. ( see message here, under FOOD & WATER under RECIPES for Emergency Survival Bars & Gatorade) You can make up a 2 liter of Gatorade but DO NOT drink only Gatorade you also NEED water.
FOOD (as above check message here) Carry only emergency ration Bars (home made) also there Pemmican that you can make ( ) something else you can make is hard tack ( ) and you may carry along some coffee in the morning. DO NOT forget fire making gear and know how to use it before you need it. Here the next item you need is a stove. It can be one of the following stoves that I came across
Myself I like the second stove. This next stove I the one I would take this me any time. As you see this stove pack smaller making it easier to carry. There is one more stove that need to be look at, to me its a little big and the stove is a rocket stove. ( check out YOU TUBE)