The following is something my wife ask me. First, she asked why I wanted camouflage clothing. Seeing we live in the city. Don't you think you will STICK-OUT like a SORE THUMB. You know she was right. As I started to think about it, I came up with the fact that I wanted to become invisible. What I came up with was the people that are all around that most of us (people) don't even see or or pay attention to. You may them HOMELESS, HOBOS or some could call them BUMS. It is my observation from the news and living around them. I walk right by the HOMELESS myself and pay little attention to.
First, I say NO camouflage or any other type of military equipment. What you want to do, is to have some caches. Within a day or two walk. Have more supplies somewhere else. One more thing I would NOT carry a firearm. As we should take a lesson from the people in Louisiana. Something that I heard from somewhere. I'm not sure where it came from, but The Law Enforcement were removing and taking firearms from Law- abiding citizens. ( I know there are some that will disagree with me). But it is safer that way.
NOW! Let's start with some clothing out-wear, old wore-out blue or black jeans or a pair of old cargo pant would work better. If someone is able to sew, I would look at finding a patterns for something called scrubs like (Simplicity #4101 or 5443), they can be made out almost any fabric or color. I believe that the one above have 5 pockets in the pants. A couple of colored Tee-shirts a old baggie shirt, and yes a couple pairs of your favorite underwear. Some sock, a couple pair. A pair or 2 of wool or wool blend. A sweat-shirt would be nice, pair long john because you never know if you will need them. A good belt and coat. Also have a pair mittens ( which will keep your hands warmer then gloves), a cap, I have a bicycle helmet that I a liner with ear flaps (mittens, cap, and liner are all crocheted which I make myself).
This is the most important item of all. Foot wear, I agree, I also have to disagree with some boots. First, boots should NOT be steel-toed they will and do get very COLD. If your boots are new be sure that they get broke in very good. If you find a used pair boot, you still will need to beak them into your feet. It is of my opinion boots have a place to wear them it is, in the woods. I recommend the roads, walking or bicycling sneakers are better with these.
Here some you may find interested::::
NOW! Here is equipment you should carry or have access to at all times, is a pocket mini survival kit. Here check out the following web site::: here another one::: or you can make your own kit. The equipment that follow is only an emergency kit. This is NOT for a BOB. This is only to help you get out and around the authority with lettle or no problems.