For many years I have delt with chronic bronchitis. Since I love herbs I always treated this with the
herb Fenugreek. A couple of years ago I read that the herbs Comfry and Fenugreek is one of many treetments for Emphesema . Once I started adding the two together i stopped going into bronchial
pneumonia. This was great for me let me tell you. Well 13 months ago I started have a terrible time
catching my breath. After arguing for a couple of h ours with my kids I went to the hospital. I had to stand in line to sign in. When I reached the sign in desk I tapped the glass and said I can't breathe . The guy behind me caught me and the sign in lady helped me into a wheel chair and rushed me inside her booth and gave a me oxygen mask. When they got me back which was a matter of a few minutes. I was told I was having a Coranary heart attack. CHF. Later the doctor asked me how much pain had I been in and I told him none I just couldn't breathe.
I also have to tell you I have smoked for over 40 yrs. When the lung doctor came in to see me he told me I had COPD ( what the doctors tell everyone who has smoked more than 5 yrs in a row) and did I know what was the leading cause of death in the U.S. I said yes . He was a reall smart aleck so when he asked me what was it I told him perscription drugs. He got mad and his students laughed and he wouldn't talk to me the rest of the time I was there.
To make a long story short and this is already long I'm suppose to be on oxygen for the rest of my life. Then I couldn't walk to the bathroom or even eat without my O2 now I can go 6 hours without it. I know I still have a way to go but after more research I'm now taking my pills that I make and they have Fenugreek,Comfry, and Slippery Elm mixed together and slowly its helping.

So this is why I wanted to write this. If you have any lung problems or even a migrain find a way to get bulk herbs that I mentioned and make your own pills and it will help alot.