Yes, your blog here! (Read on for Community Page information) Blogs is looking for people to write blogs on emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading and homeschooling related topics.

You don't have to be an expert on the subject. You do have to have an opinion and a desire to provide information and/or commentary. Maybe you're new to emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading or homeschooling and think you have nothing to offer. You just may be wrong there.

If you're new to these topics and and are working your way through what actions to take, what supplies you need, what information is out there, etc then you have something to offer! Remember that not everyone is an expert, and many people relate to other people who are going through the same situation. A blog can be about your adventures in emergency preparedness, or starting a homestead or homeschooling. Think of it as the text and picture version of reality tv shows.

If you're an expert on a subject you can have a question and answer based blog where people email you or post comments and ask questions which you then answer in your blog. Blogs provides you with everything you need to have your own blog... the blog, an email address and a space for a Community Page or to keep files referenced in your blog. Sure you can go to one of the many free blogging sites out there, but when you have your blog on Blogs you are in a community of people with similar interests. Your blog helps raise the profile of and we help raise the profile of your blog. A nice relationship. Many of the other blogging hosts run ads on your blog, as does, but we only run ads for emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading and homeschooling and other services that our members may find useful. We choose our ads very carefully, other sites may not, we also run ads to highlight other areas of Any revenue from our ads goes back into, which means it goes back into your blog as well.

All we ask of you is that you make at least one blog post per month. In return we host your blog, feature your blog on our main blog page and on every other blog at Blogs. We can also offer you an email address for use with your blog, you can check your email account through Thunderbird (which we highly recommend) or Outlook, or through webmail; and space for a Community Page or files. How many other blog hosts offer you a free email account and web page/file space?

What we offer:
- FREE blog
- FREE email address (POP and webmail access)
- FREE webspace if you need it for files, Community Page, etc
- Showcased on all pages via banner that links to this page (see example below)

Community Page
- FREE 25 MB of storage (negotiable, more available on a case by case basis)
- FREE email address (POP and webmail access)
- complete control over your Community Page
- PHP available
- Frontpage extensions available
- FTP access to files
- Showcased on all pages via banner that links to the main Community Page page (see example below)

If you want a blog or Community Page this is what we will need from you:
- the name you want to use
- a password
- a name for your blog
- a short discription of your blog/Community Page
- an email address or if you want a email address

So what are you waiting for? Contact to get your blog or Community Page started.