Short Range Communication

There is a very pressing need in a survival situation for Short Range Communications, as well as long range. The need for short range commo is real and it may be because of various situational problems. Let us cover these needs first and then some recommendations for radio types.

You may have a small neighborhood watch group that only needs to cover a certain perimeter and not outside of that area. This means that you do not want to cause interference beyond that perimeter. This would probably be in a small town or small neighborhood of a larger town.

In a rural situation where you have a sizeable acreage that you need to cover but you do not want any outside parties to hear you.

This might extend to a small rural community that is several miles in its perimeter.

What kind of radios do we need for these situations?

First, let me say that the most secure commo in a small area is field telephones, either wire or wireless. The wire feed field telephones are the MOST secure with wireless the next down on the list. Both kinds are available from certain surplus catalogues or stores, just Google search on the internet for them.

Second, let us list the low power walkie talkies that one can purchase at Wal-Mart. These are not as secure as the field telephone is but they are serviceable for up to a few miles, which would be good for an extended perimeter situation.

For a community situation, a CB radio would be good, but let me emphasize here that we need to understand that short range commo needs to be LOW POWER commo. We do not need to put out 100 watts to go 100 yrds or 10 blocks.

Another method for the Ham licensed operator is a 2-meter hand held radio, operating on simplex. This means that it is NOT hitting a repeater, is on a frequency that does NOT operate on a frequency that a repeater is on. This radio can be turned down to low watts and that is a repeat of our instructions. IF the perimeter is small, just put out the wattage necessary and no more.

Remember that the most secure commo for a small area is the field telephone that has wire to connect the telephones. A certain kind of scanner on the correct frequency range could pick up your wireless telephone system.

PLEASE! Do NOT intend to include in this system what we term or call “cell phones” for they are connected into the system and are nothing more than portable radios and can be monitored quite easily.

I hope that this discussion has helped you understand concerning short range communication.