In this once great nation of peoples, my grandpa built himself a storm cellar and used it for a root cellar and storage for food also. I thought, as a young man, what a great idea that was and somehow knew that they were doing something of value. It impressed me as a young person!

Now, 50 years later, I live in a nation of fools and dumbed down cowards. No one hardly has a week’s supply of anything except maybe coffee and beer. It is a disgusting issue with me and some of the rest of you. Are we the demented ones? Or, are they the other half?

The demonization of our activities is so complete that we stand little chance in the political arena to have a just opinion of the matter. The iron-clad hold on the media by our enemies is a hopeless situation, and one that can not be corrected this side of an Amerikan holocaust.

What CAN be done, if anything at all? Well, I am of the opinion that there IS something that we can do to make our personal life examples reach out to other people. It may sound like I am preaching before I am through, however, there is a certain path that we can take that will bring us to a destination that will show, at least to those whom we reach out to, that we have the good moral character of empathy and love for our fellowman and may indeed win friends and influence people, even if it is an afterthought on their part.

We need to stay focused on the most important points of the word survival, and that which are our personal survival, but also the survival of our family, if we have such, and also on the survival of our community. If I reach out with kindness to those who tend to persecute me or unwisely make fun of me, then I have set the stage for kindness and love of our neighbor to overshadow the conflict from others.

Can I change the mind of a scoffer? Probably not! But we can react to the scoffer with brotherly kindness instead of a conflicting reaction. When our scoffing neighbor sees our non-fanatical reaction to his conflict that has been extended toward us, he will be within the concept of being rejected by kindness rather than conflict.

The Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl G. Jung, stated that an outer fanaticism represents and inner, unconscious, insecurity. This is related to most any kind of conscious fanaticism. Which is a fanaticism? Survival preparations or the scoffer? The Scoffer of course! The survivalist is reacting from either his intuitive urging or from his conscious knowledge of the situation that exists in the world at large, and to his desire to make sure that he and his family are provided for. The Scoffer, in his demonization is representing from his unconscious self, his unconscious insecurity about the situation.

In a developing scenario we may be called upon by The Spirit of Truth, to help that scoffer in a later time of need, so that puts more burden on our resources BUT it offers us an avenue of being truly within the concept of the Good Samaritan. It puts us in a correct attitude of getting our personal lives in correct relationship with the creator and puts us in good aspect with the Divine Source.

As I look back at my grandmother’s home canned jelly setting up on that shelf in her cellar, I think of how she would give me a jar of that jelly sometimes and how good it tasted. That same pioneer attitude can be extended to our neighbor of today.

Yes, there are those out there who are planning on criminal activity by intention of theft and that sort to survive, and we know that we are going to have that to contend with, BUT, if we can be a neighbor that has empathy for our fellowman and can show him that we are concerned with his future and then prove that when the time is correct to prove it, then we will have won our argument.

I hope that this thought on survival intention will inspire you to think of things that you can do to prepare to help your fellowman in a way that we can be of an excellent example to our society, and have a way to counter the demonization that comes our way.

David & Leah