Personal Chronicle

Dear Unknown Friend, in composing this synopsis I will approach the matter at hand in a much different manner than which you are accustomed to. The fact that I came into this incarnation on a certain date tells you absolutely nothing about my self unless you are one of those artisans who can predict from that format. What perchance does the knowledge of my birth date, or my college days, or when I got married, or if I got married, tell you about my soul? What I wish to accomplish herein, Unknown Friend, is to give my soul the freedom to speak for itself so that you and I can get acquainted.

General Douglas McArthur in his farewell speech to West Point gave these words as his primary speech title: "Duty Honor Country", And he called them "hallowed words", thus setting apart and consecrating them as sacred to God. As the final sound of the last word of his speech drifted into the night, the man that spoke the words faded into darkness of the history of an epoch that gave us some mighty men of war. We know, from the deeds of those men something about their soul. By understanding that the outer is only a reflection of the inner we may understand that their deeds were that reflection of their inner worth, that inner condition of the soul that reflects outward so that we may see.

How do we conceptually deal with the hallowed words "Duty Honor Country"? Are these words an inner or outer reflection? I suggest that they are a bridge between the two realms. What makes men react differently to the same stimuli? When we speak of Duty it produces different actions in different men. What is it about the word duty that we need to look at more closely?

The basic concept of the word duty is derived from the word "due", and we bring from the Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles these meanings: "The action or conduct due to a superior; homage; reverence, due respect. That which is owing to anyone. Action, or an act, that is due by moral or legal obligation, that which one ought, or is bound to do." If we go to Roget's Thesaurus we solidify our study here as we find these words to help us: obligation, allegiance, loyalty, commitment, and a rather unusual rendering, stern daughter of the voice of God. (Wordsworth)"

Now, Unknown Friend, you and I can begin to understand and gain a visualization of the difference between "us" and "them", can we not? For those of us that have been to the throne room of the gods know of what we speak, for we have not only heard concerning the Almighty, we know that we know..."I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee." (Job 42:5)

Once we have "heard the stern voice of the daughter of God", we then have a complete understanding, a complete inner spiritual experience concerning the Wisdom of the Creation, Sophia, for she is indeed the teacher, and the Archetypal World is then "seeable", "knowable", and the symbol represented by the word "duty" becomes a part of our soul. Indeed, becomes entwined with our soul so that it IS our soul. This "duty" of the soul is then reflected into the outer corporal world in the great deeds that have been recorded in the annals of the Akashic Chronicles that record the history of mankind. "And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works."

Unknown Friend, in our parlance, let us proceed to the esoteric meaning of the next word in our study, which is "honor". We will find to our amazement, that the concept of "honor" is a natural progression from the concept of "duty". Using the same excellent Oxford Dictionary as before, we find these interesting things about our word "honor": "High respect, esteem, or reverence, accorded to exalted worth or rank; deferential admiration or appreciation; as felt, rendered, or received. Personal title to high respect or esteem; elevation; a fine sense of and strict allegiance to what is due or right." Is not that amazing?!

Do you see, Unknown Friend, that Honor is an elevated position, a title or rank, gained from the understanding and ability of one to see the correct concept of "duty" and that "honor" is an exalted position or rank or title given to us from our strict allegiance to what is due...or what is duty? Again, in the Archetypal World we see our duty from what is due, we then gain, or , are elevated with title and position from our strict allegiance to what is due, our duty, which is an elevated position rather than a position of servitude, which is the normal pattern in the corporal world.

But we have not investigated deeply enough, Unknown Friend; we must go deeper into the esoteric realm of the Spirit to find our destination. When in the corporal world, an enemy of the Gods and an enemy of our souls gains a position of authority given by the corporal state for services rendered, we see a much different concept than of which we speak. That realm is indeed one of complete servitude, and must be maintained in a state of complete obedience to that corporate entity, the state. A friend of mine upon viewing one of the ATF men standing guard in the aftermath of the inquisitional holocaust at Waco, Texas, observed and remarked to me that "I looked into his eyes using a high powered binocular and HE HAD NO SOUL". This is absolutely correct and expected for the man's dedication was not tempered upon any level other than the surface level of the temporal world which deals with position in the Socialist's Materialistic World.

The World, or rather Realm, of which we speak bespeaks of Liberty and Freedom and not enslavement, for the elevated position of honor bestowed upon us for our allegiance to duty is a position of honor which is antithesis to servitude. You see, Unknown Friend, on the one hand we have "service" and on the other "subservience". These two categories are indeed antithetic. One is a place of honor and one a place of dishonor. One creates a subject, the other a sovereign. Yes indeed, Unknown Friend, a true sovereign is NOT rooted in the Common Law, but rather in the Universal Law of the Gods and rooted within the realm of the Archetypal World. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Common Law, which is an English concept that is based upon, again, the material and corporal world. There is nothing within the confines of the corporal or material world that can bestow sovereignty upon any individual, and there is absolutely NO such thing as a sovereign citizen, for a citizen is bound to a particular state and is subject of that state and bound in a subservient manner to that state of affairs. A sovereign is not bound to a state but is in agreement with Universal Law, henceforth, that agreement gives the individual the title of honor, i.e. sovereignty. But it does not stop there.

We must now investigate the term used for our third term and at the outset we might wander if we have a term antithesis to our progression thus far, but further investigation will explain the matter, for we shall find that far from an antithesis, we actually have the realization of the reward of our first two steps, i.e. due, duty and service.

At first glance, the word "country" just destroys our thesis but it instead, reinforces our thesis. In the study of symbols and words, which are symbols also, we find that a concept is many times made known by more than one symbol or word. "Country" is such a word. A key part of the definition of our word "country" is " people of the same race..." Synonyms of the word "country" are jury, jury of one's own peers, nationality, kingdom, dominion, sovereignty, and sovereign. We must now open up one of these words, i.e. "peer", and look at what we find. "An equal in standing or rank; one's equal before the law. An equal in any respect. One matched with another, a companion."
( These words above have been called “racist” by some. I truly do not see how that opinion was derived from the words I have chosen. The words “An equal in standing or rank; one’s equal before the law. And equal in any respect” do not account for racism. Any person that is a member of the human race, a part of human kind, regardless of ethnic groupings are equals before the law, for there is no other law but the universal law of God. D.W.)

Now we have almost completed our research and study into those "hallowed words". Now we can see that the tried term "country" actually means grouping, regardless of how large or small, of our sovereign peers. People that have been matched together by the Gods and those companions of ours created equal to us in every respect and that grouping of sovereigns together make up the country, or if you please, kingdom..."For unto us a child is born, unto us, a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulders; and his name shall be called wonderful, councilor, the Mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of government and peace, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform it."

After a quick summarization of our progress thus far we will be in a position of strength through understanding and enlightenment. Our three "hollowed words", i.e. Duty Honor Country", have now become alive as Archetypal forms in the visualization process of "knowing", and we have reduced them to their most inner common denominators, i.e. OBEDIENCE and DUTY to Universal Law, and SERVICE which is opposite of servitude. But do we stop there? God Forbid! We have not spent enough time on explaining an in depth meaning of the term "SOVEREIGN" and it will only take a moment in time to do so. In short, a sovereign has no higher authority other than Universal Law, for Universal Law is the topmost ladder that lies in the comprehension of man to realize. "In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God".

If we replace the Greek word "Logos" with the English word "Law", we will become aware, indeed become "enlightened", to a new idea. "In the beginning was the Law, and the Law was with God, and the Law was God." This creates a new idea and a refreshing thought for us to "know".

But let us regress to the term "SOVEREIGN" for a short moment, for it is extremely important to dissect this word so that we may gain a full understanding of what it means. Sove-reign, This word includes, as we can see, the word "reign" in it, and the meaning includes that concept. There is no higher authority than a sovereign except the Logos, The Law, which IS God, as we have seen. Hence, a sovereign is a representative OF God, or Law, on this plane of existence, and there is no higher authority except the Law, i.e. Universal Law, The Logos. Let us NOT confuse Divine Law with corporal law or law developed by men. "I have said ye are gods, and all of you children of the most High." (Psalms 82:6)

So, SERVICE rendered to help our fellow man as exemplified by Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan is the end result of "Duty Honor Country". And this comes from our OBEDIENCE to the LAW that results in DUTY and ends in SERVICE to our fellow man. As a result we are elevated as SOVEREIGNS. Where have we come from and where have we arrived at? Unknown Friend, we have arrived at King Arthur's Court, for the quest for the HOLY GRAIL is the titular concept of what we speak herein. The CODE OF THE GRAIL, the HOLY GRAIL is Rightness before God and Service to our fellow man.

Freedom and Liberty take on a much more graphic quality once we understand that SOVEREIGNTY IS SERVICE, SERVICE IS A RESULT OF DUTY AND DUTY IS OBEDIENCE TO THE DIVINE LAW. In this manner our souls become empowered with Divine Force and essence. Look into our eyes, which are windows to the soul, and we show forth that essence of the Divine Force.

Unknown Friend, when we were little boys we played with our small toys and now when we are big little boys we get up at 0300 hrs and rip and roar and jump out of airplanes, clean our rifles, hump through the woods, and do all the great things of Knighthood. These are grand toys, but to know the essence of the KNIGHTHOOD OF THE GRAIL CODE is the grandest adventure of all. It makes all the other adventures seem like the small toys we played with in childhood, for the comparison is the same.

I challenge you, Unknown Friend, to some High Adventure in the future work of the Knights of the Holy Grail, as we gather together with the Messiah to take charge of the chaos and turn the wasteland into a profitable garden once again. For Universal Law, The Logos will deliver justice where it is due for what seeds have been sown, shall surely be reaped.

My Unknown Friend, you now know my soul, and yours, come go with me, for "mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord."