The Torch of Liberty

The Torch of Liberty has fallen,
The Bearer is on his knees.

The Grim Reaper of tyranny is standing there!
Watching, Waiting, Glaring and Laughing!
Do you see him, Dear Unknown Friend?

The stark faces of those who fear as they look into
the eyes of the Grim Reaper, will be remembered in
history. Remembered!…for the blank stare, the horror
in their eyes, as they look upon their Frankenstein,
will give evidence of the rewards they will receive.

But for us, weep not for us, Stand Up! and carry with me the torch of Liberty. Mine eyes have seen the Coming of the Glory of the Lord. There is no tear in mine eye now, as I behold the presence of Liberty, for His presence no man can stand, that is of the unrighteous seed, or those that cast away His precious Liberty.

Not everyone is called to carry the torch of Liberty.
Only those whose hearts are seared with the Name
of God. Only those can see the Coming of the Glory!

Let no man put asunder what Almighty God has given
us! No! Not for lust of money or other benefit. Let no
man run from the task at hand. Let all men arrive at
the battleground of the Lord God Almighty.

Let the ranks be filled with men of renown, men of war,
fit for battle, in battle array. And weep not for us! We
carry the Torch, The Torch of Liberty!