Who Shall Lead Us
The Appropriate Perspective

“If the people do not fear authority,
Then authority will expand.
Do not disrespect their position;
Do not reject their lives.
Since, indeed, they are not rejected,
They do not reject.

Therefore Evolved Individuals know themselves
But do not display themselves.
They love themselves,
But do not treasure themselves.

Hence they discord one and receive the other.”

( Lao Tzu, The Tao of Power )

“Evolved Leaders are encouraged, in this passage, to minimize the distance between their sense of their own position and the position of those whom they lead. In this way the psychological needs of the people are better understood, and the decisions of leaders are more aligned with those needs. Lao Tzu believed that the less people fear or focus upon the embodiment of authority, the more effective authority becomes. In order to develop and preserve this appropriate attitude, leaders should closely identify with those whom they lead. When they do not exhibit and enhance their higher position, they will discover self-knowledge. Moreover, by discarding any sense of self-importance they may have, they will find self-love and inner peace.” ( Translation by R.L.Wing )

Some Thoughts on the Appropriate Perspective

The most beloved leader of the Old Confederacy was none other than General Robert E. Lee. To this very day, we that are the ancestors of those who fought in the War for Southern Independence hold his memory in a cherished manner. He was so very close to his troops and he was loved dearly for his manner of leadership. Although he was the last of the Napoleonic generals and in tactical leadership decisions he made a fatal mistake at Gettysburg that cost him his part of the war and brought about the defeat of the Southron cause.

But he had lost his most trusted General, ally, and friend, who was not at that battle, and if he had of been, may have well turned the tide in our favor. We are speaking of General Stonewall Jackson! “Stonewall” was nicknamed thus from an observation that under fire, “he just stood there like a stone wall”.

Only one other man in the history of the Southern War for Independence holds so dearly in the hearts of Southrons as those listed above and that is a self-taught General of great capabilities, General Nathan Bedford Forrest. If Forrest had had a better chance of recognition, he could have led the Confederacy to Victory over the Yankee Dawgs that oppressed us before the war and to this very day.

It is said by a military historian that Lee was the last of the Napoleonic generals and William Tecumseh Sherman was the first of the modern day generals of which we have not seen the last. However, I disagree with that assessment for the simple reason that America has no generals left. True generalship ended with the dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur by Traitor Truman. There are no generals of known heritage today.

So! Who Shall Lead Us?

The Bloodlines of the Grail Leadership that was manifested in the FIRST war for Southern Independence has vanished into the mist of time present. Most of those whom were in the forefront of militia leadership in America have now bit the federal dawgs bait. No united stand is apparent in the national leadership roles. The muster call is sounding on deaf ears. No one is at the formation, and there is no leadership available to sound the role call at this time. Are we without leadership? Is there no one to lead? What shall we do about truth? About Liberty? Is there NO advancement of honor and tradition?

The military training centers have turned out for the last few decades merely lackeys of the one world government. The officers corp has been intentionally corrupted. There is no one out there, and we are devoid of hope for the future. Our militias throughout the country are faltering and almost on their knees, no leadership options except those who have and are trying to maintain some semblance of organization albeit small and isolated.

…Desire for freedom, in the hearts of men ( and women ) can be seen in their eyes, for the eyes are the windows to the soul. The past memories of that first attempt at freedom linger in the mist of the present. As those memories have faded from view, it is not that they have vanished but rather that they have been covered by the shroud of the mist as a cloak of mystery, a cloak that has hidden from the light of day the soul level of the desires of the hearts of men who love freedom and liberty.

Once in a while, one might spot one of these souls at affairs such as gun shows or other such places, quietly going about their business at hand. They are rather shy at first glance, but after that second look, the look in their eyes gives the true destiny of their soul. A demeanor of seriousness that demands respect and attention when they quietly enter the room. No fanfares are announced by anyone. No prominent politician has announced their debut. They go quietly about their business. But when they walk into the room, a very subtle stillness seems to go before them. A sort of vibration of the air as they walk. If you were to know them and greet them openly, they would give that firm handshake that is unmistakable. The seriousness in their soul and in their eyes are beacons in the fog of time, in the mist that surrounds their presence. They, as they stand there command a presence of respect without any fanfare or important demand. You just know that you know…

…from the past, from the past…may be a memory of a lost buddy in a rice paddy…maybe a memory of a lost and distant whisper in your ear…do you remember that voice? Where have you heard that before…

quiet meditation…remembering the past….resolve for the future…resolve that is the only solution to that feeling in the pit of your stomach…maybe you watched those poor hapless folks get burned to death at Waco, Texas…maybe it was somewhere else across the pond…

…something just rolled over in your soul…it now resides in the pit of your heart, in your stomach you have to gain dominance over…indigestion at night…can you see, Dear Unknown Friend, him slowly walk over to the other table, quietly looking at the items for sale. He picks up a weapon, it is the way that he handles it. Like it is something to be loved. Caressed!

Standing in the shadows, quietly, deliberately waiting…calmly waiting…for the time. There is a time for all things. He knows that! His waiting is for himself and you, Dear Unknown Friend, and is maybe that man we speak of in this respect, describing YOU? Is it you that we have described? Is it YOU with the feeling and resolve in the pit of your stomach?

Is that YOU that walks quietly into the gun show, greeting a friend at times, at other times, walking alone through the crowd? Quietly! Waiting!

Dear Unknown Friend, if it is not you, then it is him, over there, see him there? Could that be one of the next leaders of the New Confederacy? One of the Bloodline of the Lineage of Leaders that have been sent by the Gods to fulfill the requirements of the time?

May God give us the grace to know our souls…and our enemies!