Many years ago my husbond and I went out to dinner( must have been something special ) something we had been planning for a few weeks. The night we went he had a absess tooth that swelled up his whole side of his face. We went anyhow. Mauch Man. Well he couldn't eat anything and said it was getting worse. I told him with it being Fri no dentist will see him until Mon and nothing will be done until the absess was gone. So I asked if he wanted me to fix it or not. Took him awhile but finally said ok. When we got home i gave him 6 Alfalfa tablets ( the cheap ones from Walmart) and before he went to bed 6 more. The next morning I gave him another 6. By lunch time it was going away. That night it was completely gone. On Mon there was no sign of absess and he was able to get the tooth pulled right away. I thought someone might find this interesting.

Primrose Oil
Oil of Clove

These are just a few herbs and oils good for tooth ach or just tooth problems there are many more out there . This is just what I try to have on hand.

cya Jeanann