O.K. so it was Mrs.Red's turn to pick the movie to watch and what does she pick? Tommy now I like a lot of the movies from the 70's but this one I could have easily done with out. Why you ask simple,Any movie that requires 5-10 hits of acid so you can stomach the visuals and deal with the crappy singing is just a BAD BAD idea people! About the only thing that made it worth watching was seeing Jack Nicholson singing! The next best part was the end credits which meant I could go grab a hot poker and gouge them into my eyes to get rid of the tracers from the acid flash backs! Make me glad all I can remember from the 70's are Hogans heroes and the Brady Bunch. Well got to go my turn to pick the movie....hmm maybe some thing like The World According to Garp.
On a side not I should have some niffty tips and trick's up soon.