Here in the Denver Metro area we've had something unusual for at least the last few years. I've lived in Denver for seven years now, since December 1999, and have not seen much as far as winter weather goes. Some days have been cold, but for those who have grown up in the northern states or most of Canada it has been mild - a couple of polar fleece or a mid weight jacket has been all that has been required. As for snow with the exception of the storm a few years ago big snow falls have been rare and don't last for very long.

As I write this the Denver Metro area has had snow on the ground for 32 days. For the ten longest periods, with a record of 63 days, see Denver/Boulder NOAA Office. The entire region is having difficulty dealing with the snow still on the ground. From local governments that just can't seem to keep up with snow removal to the general public who are complaining about the snow and the cold, most are not enjoying themselves.

For someone who grew up with snow this is a nice change to something familiar. For someone who has the right clothing and gear this is a chance to use that clothing and gear that has been sitting in closets and cabinets for just such conditions.

It has also been a learning experience for the kids. The youngest has discovered the wonders of thermal wool socks and the concept of layering, she put on two medium weight (normal for these parts) winter coats because it was cold and she couldn't find the down parka. The oldest is grateful for me putting on weight since the accident meaning that the old Canadian army parka no longer zips up over the new spare tire. I replaced the Canadian army parka with one from Cabela's a year or two ago. It has lanquished in the closet waiting conditions which requiers it to be dug out. After looking at many down parkas from many manufacturers I decided on the Cabela's North Slope because it offered the best blend of performance and price. There are better down parkas out there but they tend to run around $500, the Cabela's has a regular price of just over $200 for sizes up to 5XL Regular and 3XL Tall. I chose a 4XL Regular since I like to have my parkas larger than they need to be. This allows me to layer clothing under the parka and still have lots of room to trap air and add insulation. I can put a 100 pound teenager inside the coat with me, it is that big.

We've got about another 10 inches of snow today, havoc on the streets, cursing from people, but I'm lovin' it. Then there is the news from Europe lots of snow storms and winds up to 120 mph. So much for global warming, it's an ice age, baby! Seriously though, if you want a good read on the posibility that we're heading into an ice age go to and order the book "Not by Fire but by Ice". The author makes a decent case for an ice age, plus it is a fun read.

Today is a snow day for me - can't get out of the neighborhood. The temperature is 8.8 degrees F at 8:30am. A nice day to stay inside and wait for the call from the mechanic with an estimate as to how much the 78 Bronco is going to cost to get running. As far as I am concerned he can rip out the Holley Truck Avenger carb and put in a basic one from Napa. Having 4 wheel drive will mean being able to get out of the neighborhood when it snows like this.

Thats all from the frozen Mile High Desert for now.