Survivalism is a mindset, a way of life that focuses on being prepared for harsh times. It is a return to the self-reliance principles that our forebears practiced as a way of life. They had no choice, unlike we have today. If they failed to prepare they died. Survivalism is a way of organizing your life to make the best use of your personal resources; time & money.

The Principles of Survivalism encourage us to learn and practice new skills. My father lived thru the Great Depression and practiced survival skills his whole life. To him, it was nothing special, it was just how things were and you did what you needed to "git along".

The Principles of Survivalism are:

Diversity of Knowledge
Self Reliance
Self Sufficiency
Preparedness for Adversity

With Diversity of Knowledge comes Self Reliance.
With Self Reliance comes Self Sufficiency
With Self Sufficiency comes Preparedness for Adversity
Preparedness for Adversity encourages and requires the 1st three principles

Each of these principles build upon the others.