WHOA! 2 days in a row!!! smoke is streaming from the insides of ole Blueduck's feathered head, filling the room as he typo's.

Stimulus, good deal right? Hand out everyone, and the money your grandkids pay into the tax schedule will be used to repay what measly few crumbs you are given today. Whats that you ask? CRUMBS? Has blueduck lost it agin? NO! whilst all the people expecting CHANGE from the new administration seek that change by holding their hand out for a "freebie" what is free about a "bondage" agreement you place upon future generations? and just how much is this stimulus going to benefit everyone? Last year the government teased everyone who filed a TAX return [remember Arron Russo said that there were 68 plus million folks who did not file a tax return prior to that] holding a$600.00 carrot out in front of them to get them back into the system to allow the government machine to spew forth more bad laws and keep going for another season til after the elections..... this time around i heard on the "toob" [i stil aint got one o those HDTV digital sets] that the big "O" was thinking about wiping the table off and tossing out $2700.00 per individual this go around!!!!

wooo hooo yeah baby!!! file that tax return now we is going to the paradise!

Great for who? run down to the great wall mart of CHINA and buy a new HDTV? stimulate the China economy a little bit? buy a new car and help out Japan? How bout that new computer built over to India?

No one is thinking, ahead, mostly they think, dang i know my job aint safe and i could sure use that stimulus to pay off my bills.... or i might lose my job and i want that money NOW! Who actually thinks of where that payment will come from and who is going to have to work it off in the FUTURE when that debt is called in.
And lets not forget the governments of the several states, they too have their hands out saying "pick me pick me!!!" and they dont want a few crumbs, most want Billions for their own state budgets so they dont have to lay off so many welfare recipients [state workers] so the governors can line their own pockets with a little from under the table from the lobby groups who say we need this or that passed and the budget adjusted over this way..... nope no one thinks about that either.....

All most people want is the few crumbs off the table today to be happy for a little while, but no one thinks about the fact that MONEY CANNOT BUY HAPPINESS and then too, that which they recieve is NOT MONEY as ive stated in previous blogs.

What i want is my FREEDOM to do what I can do for MYSELF and my family [that is what a REPUBLIC is all about] without dictation from someone who aint got no idea why there is a law against it, other than one person promoted the law and now the only corporation allowed to do that is "X". I want to keep my FIREARMS [and have access to the others already taken away incorrectly by wrongful legislative codified intent in 1968] in case the idiots that were elected failed to understand they are SERVANTS and need to remember their PLACE AS WELFARE RECIPIENTS and I want to keep the "MONEY" I make for MY FAMILY and not give it to someone who sits in title 42 housing and thinks work is a dirty four lettered word ending in "K" that other folks do to keep their welfare check coming in..... I want my Freedom, my firearms and my money, and Mr big "O", you can keep your promised "CHANGE"

Where there are laws there is no Republic, and where there is a Republic there is no need for laws... is what Fred said [Fredrick Bastiat] ..... kinda paraphrased

Thoughts? comments? has ole Blueduck finally went bonkers? stay tuned for the next episode!

North Central Idaho