When i was a kid, my mom met an author who autographed his books she bought at a 4-H function over to the next state [Montana] called Muddled Meanderings from an Outhouse, mostly poetry by the fella, and a pictures of old outhouses from all over the place...... Those books passed the time before we had internet on the information super highway..... no Al Gore did not write those books either....... Bob Ross did.

As we brace our lives to face this oncoming crisis and eventual "changed" promised by the newly placed administrative officer in the function of the several states, supposedly elected "lawfully" but who knows the real answer to that one now, as we learnt that since 1946 that Congress acted in a way that allowed the Supreme Court to take which ever cases they wanted and leave the others hanging, ergo we have NO REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE as was one time guaranteed by the Bill of Rights though in 1963 the high Court determined that those rights were merely privileges for those who had made them selves "federal subjects" by their own hand in signing a couple of well planned documents, the SSA-5 and the voter registration cards.... these "contracts" once signed allow the court to determine that the signer understands the contract and as such is a VOLUNTARY 14th amendment federal subject with LIMITED ACCESS to the first 10 amendments in the BILL OF RIGHTS.......

Kind of lends a whole new meaning to "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6 dont it?

Which brings us to the Gun control act of 1968, restricting possession of certain firearms without PERMISSION from the "servant". "But...but.... but i have a right" sayeth the masses of ignorant people who signed their SSA-5 and then signed their voter registration card STATING THEREON "I am a citizen of the UNITED STATES..... no where on that contract does it have a place for I am of, in my instant, IDAHO STATE, one of the several states united. WE look at the definition of the THREE united states as decided in "Hooven" 324 US 652 [1945] and though that case was overturned on other points those definitions never have been..... and as such the political machine goes on without the people suspecting that they still have rights and that they never suspect they live outside and not within the shadow of the government once started by the "founding fathers" so often quoted, and that the machine that has grown out of that once great REPUBLIC does still exist, but no one has been lawfully seated in it since the president last in 1917 and the congress last in 1921 from what i understand..... so this new fella, so called 44th in the office, is not the first to be there unlawfully, and until the people RESTORE THE REPUBLIC he wont be the last either. But i digress and meander off topic i suppose. You dont have rights cause you blindly allow others to tell you what the LAW reads. You have a priviledge to possess a firearm right now, if you want a RIGHT then you have to fight for that right and take back that which was voluntary given away to the machine.... it aint easy, and once you get your rights back you are no longer part of the machine and the machine will not let you do what you please for fear the machine will lose another piece of its mass of ignorant people who see what you accomplished and want out too..... but the machine knows this, the mass of people really do feel secure being molly coddled from CRADLE TO GRAVE told what they can do and how they can do it by the machine, living with blinders on, moaning for a few more crumbs off the table, pleading with the machine to send a few more crumbs their way, when all they have to do is take away the machines power and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, and by the way.....

I will keep my freedom, my firearms and my money[sic] and YOU can keep the "change".

more later, comments welcome, in fact encouraged!