Well the circus came to the next town over which is 7 miles and they put on 2 nearly 2 hour preformances which for this small populated area nearly sold out and hopefully was a success for the travelers who will return next year [they are already booked to stop, and a local lady went to clown school with the manager...yada yada]

It was not much of a circus for adults but everyone had a great time anyway, what was interesting was the people who did turn out were mainly adults, most of who have not done much traveling this year due to the high price of fuel, which is a wonder that the circus can even make it from town to town anymore and still give away all those "free" kids tickets.

Free, yes my 3 kids and my senior citizen mother all had free tickets, dad would go cause to much dust and inside a tent his asthma kicks in and well he just cant always breathe, but at 74 he said he has seen plenty of different types of "circus" acts already. I found it amusing the comments that people made about how high the price was on the concessions and another commented on that the circus would not allow any local concessions to be present, and at the same time they had 3 or 4 kids who all had "free" tickets to get in to see the show. It costs the troop big dollars to travel, they had 2 elephants, a couple tigers and a lion, several ponies which all cost not only to move but they need feed as well, elements that the people never see, the law behind the scene so to speak, without a few coins the performers could not get from town to town, the show would not move on, and the folks in Idaho would probably not be offered a ride on an elephant for $5 each with 4 people ata time twice around the circle...... come on, it is for a good cause is it not? temporary escape from the horror of the day, we did not think about war, fuel, riots, typhoons or fire, though when asked not to smoke in the tent that kind of went through several folks heads, for the most part common sense prevails in this area when it comes to possible fire danger. More to the point of my ramblings today, These people just dont get what it takes to move people, goods and services in today's marketplace, our 4 free tickets cost us when we got finished the other night, just $50, and i am sure the kids would have loved me to drop another $5 each for either pony or elephant rides, which many others did, and like i say it is for a good cause, entertainment once like that keeps folks happy for a while.

What i found interesting about my own kids reactions, My youngest was thrilled to see a performance on the unicycle and juggling flame, he hollered for more, my oldest son, liked the lady on the trapeze/swing doing the contortions, and my little girl could identify with the little gal just a wee bit older who handled doves..... they all laughed at the clown. My self i seen the elephant as a freezer full of meat with plenty left over for jerky, but I understand it would not be proper to really want to do that right now, but at 200 pounds of hay per day, i doubt i would be keeping one should the balloon go up and i had one in my care, the law of survival of my family would dictate that.

I suppose what surprised me the most was who actually showed up and that was all those adults without kids, maybe some years ago had the idea of running off to join the circus and wanted to relive a dream.

Today is just another day, the watchmen on the wall looks out for the trouble and hollers when it comes.