"Wheres my macaroni and cheese?, I want it now" ,yr 4 year old said about 2 minutes after I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he told me his answer. If I could have done that i wold be a miracle worker.

but he is not alone in his need for instant gratification, though his is from a lack of understanding the process of cooking times, most people grow up [maybe they grow up, i am 45 and according to my wife i have yet to get outside f the way of thinking of a teenager] and seem to have a need to please them self and NOW is the time frame. Maybe it stems from lack of understanding the concept of time. Time is a relevant term we use to divide the universe, but more over the concept of how long anything takes to achieve is never instant. ok we have instant rice, instant pudding and buy an movie online and download now and instantly watch it, but nothing really is truly instant and money wise it can not be or we will always be broke.

A fella recently gave me a book to read in which will change my life if i apply its principle's and change my way of thinking about money and after reading it, I already knew most of the problems i was facing, i just did not understand the why i was not able to change them, or how to go about it. It will be up to me in the coming months to make the changes and apply the methods to reach above the line i limited myself to.

My family gets by like others month to month, my wife complains like others do i am sure that we never go anywhere, or do anything and we are always broke, and buying things that she thinks will make her happy does not, and only adds to the need to have more instant gratification. I have been not much different, only i keep it inside. My money problems are a little different, after having taken the bankruptcy road a few years ago, we have no credit cards, though after the proceedings we received many offers and still do, but those hit the bin nearly as fast as they are opened to see what personal information they might contain.

I would not recommend bankruptcy as the first thing to try, we did to re-organize and try to save the property we were living on at the time, it did not work. I was ignorant of things i did not think iwas at the time, I know better now and it will not happen again.

Instant gratification, my son received his macaroni this morning against my better judgement, but he has at time also requested egg after egg and ended up eat half a dozen, and nope he is not a one of those overweight over fed kids...... but he is going to have to learn the time things take, and how to be satisfied with the other things dad makes for breakfast and not request, require, and demand something else be given him right now, or he too will end up in dire straits later in life, and blame his folks for not pointing him in the proper direction when he was a child. Surviving with enough to more than get by would be a whole lot better than sitting wondering where the next buck is coming from to get things covered and where the things are going to come from for next month or next year.

keep your powder handy.

more as i think harder on this ;-