A couple days ago an email came saying that finally Wayne Hage was right, the government agencies could not do what they did as that was considered a "taking", to late for Rancher Hage, as he pased away a couple years back, then tragically his wife was killed in a car wreck shortly there after.... so his kids and estate benefit from the ruling.

http://www.startribune.com/nation/19751469.html?location_refer=Nation was the story from the AP that i received, and I followed the sagebrush rebellion for several years back when it started, though i never really understood it until i got older [it started when i was a sophomore in high school!!!]

The biggie here is that the award came not from the initial lawsuit, but from "court of Claims" something many folks do not know about or understand, Somehow in the mix the original court of claims kind of fell out of favor and folks ended up going to the bankruptcy court for claims the past 50 or so years and there was a push to rid the several states of the court of claims altogether about 20 years ago....

It is great to see the award, no matter that the lawyer gets his fees and interest back to 1991 and gets a larger sum than the estate does, but shoot "thats truck driving" <---- inside joke and reference to an old song from long ago. Then too it is great to see that award as a precedence for just about any other taking the forest circus and BLM have done in shutting others off for so called "environmental concerns" it messed with someones livelihood without just compensation.... so perhaps the agency might try an appeal, though i doubt it would be much different in outcome, only that the ruling and any subsequent rulings would hinge on the appeal being upheld or overturned, so you probably wont see many suits filed right away using this as an authority for grounds..... though one can never tell cause ambulance chasers will gamble if they smell coin.

I think it is positive news, and great for the people, I can see where many folks could retain their grazing, mining, fishing, and irrigation rights without hassle now just from the one ruling. How does this effect, or affect us as survivalists? In a way that is not seen, cause it will cause the jack booted thugs, and those who are tyrants in positions of government to become a thoughtful servant to the people again before they make errors for their own agenda. One comment was on the above story no government employee will lose their job over it, maybe not, shoot most of the original players are probably retired by now, after all 30 years is a long time coming, but even if they were still on board, the FS has a policy of reprimanding a person in their permanent file and giving them the option of a promotion which means moving to somewhere else or quitting, not really much of a choice, most take the promotion even if it means moving to the middle of Georgia and being in charge of a 640 acre National Forest or something similar. nope you cannot fire a "civil servant" but they could just forget to fund the entire forest service and make them get a real job and be productive.

Still it is a good ruling to have happened. hopefully there will be more folks going in the similar direction and winning as well, after all all they are really getting is obligations of the united states, and not specie.

blueduck, who is just one of the last of the free radicals, not the last, nor the most radical.....