[no harm is meant towards anyone in particualar as the spark of literary prowess has hit me, and the invisible fire has lit shuck and wants out] Recently I was struck by an admission of a person who said that they were once on a commission board and sat there without speaking out when an absurd HOA came up with "no hanging Clothes" or No Clothes lines in their subdivision..... edited to add herein that a few folks have contacted me about different people and to my surprise it seems this same subject has come up in many jurisdictions across the several states.... echoing a conspiracy of sorts against hangin "DIRTY LAUNDRY" [now if that dont spark a memory of a punk rock era lyric nothing will]

this sparks two thoughts, one definitions of different "tators" and the other mostly the sad continual passing of the republic for which we were supposed to have in favor of a demon-cratic process closely resembling socialism or communism cradle to grave care of the people, instead of the people being responsible for their own actions, more people need to read Fredrick Bastiat's book "The Law" , though in short it boils down to where there is law there is no republic, and where there is a republic there is no need for law..... the book was written awhile back...like way back in the another time and century, First published in 1850.

Onto the definitions of "tators"

The dict- tator..... is the person who would have everything their way at the cost of all others personal freedoms and lively hoods, the cost of having this type of person on board is costly to a community, and it no longer thrives when this type of person is allowed to rule over the community processes, mostly they are involved for personal gain and do not want to see the community thrive for it makes them smaller.

the spec- tator..... this is the person on the committee that just sits and and watches and does not speak out even though they know what is being presented is bad for the community as a whole and goes along with the crowd as to which way to lend their voice or vote in the matter.

the agi- tator..... this person is easily recognized as the one stirs the mix and brings the most absurd ides to the forefront, and most of those ideas as a whole can be used against the peopel to supress them and bring harm upon them eventually, if by nothing else a fine imposed by some taxing authority under another form of dict- tator in a "just-us" club.

the mashed- tator..... no this is not the person who heads to the bar after work and then goes to the meeting, this is the person standing up to the dict-tator for the people but the agi-tator calls them names like "patriot", "separatist", "consitutionalist" or other names meant to be derogatory, while the spec- tator watches and leans their vote towards to the agi-tator as the dict-tator beams with joy and happiness they don't have to be the agi-tator on this issue.

the common- tator..... is the person who just talks out both sides of their orfice, forever a "mugwump" sitting on the fence making comments to placate the people watching, commenting upon the issue but never taking a stance on one side or the other

the Fried- tator ...... this ends up as the bulk of the people after the meeting goes against them in favor of the dict-tator's wishes supported by the agi-tator and the spec- tator and the common- tator as the quorum carried the vote against the people.

there in a nutshell is the committee process we have across the several states to a large degree, a few people making the decisions that effect the bulk of the people against the real wishes of the people.... some done in secret closed door sessions, and others done in public without much advertisement cause they know if it gets out the meeting house will swel to over flowing and someone might just bring the oil to make "frenchfried-tators".

A republican form of government is where each individual is responsible for their own actions and liable solely for them, no limited liability passed along to others of society like we do so much today and tell the world we have a constitutional guarantee of demon-acracy, or that we live in a demon-acracy, though that is what it has become. a socialist experiment since the FDR "new deal" and continually supported by the communist party within the two major parties who have declared themselves affiliated with those that they may be elected to office.

Some folks will read my defintions above and it may hit home close to them, as they look into the mirror and see the "tator" they are, and not see the one they thought they were, I mean no name calling nor do I mean any harm for as a mashed-tator I would welcome others into the mix and then maybe someone else would sop up all the gravy poured on those of us who take a stand for right.....

More later