It has been an up and down year for me and my family, In February we lost granpa DJ, the kids grandad and my friend for the past 18 or so years who was married to my wifes Birth mother [no one even he knew my wife existed until about 8 years back except granny and a couple of her friends] then 3 weeks ago my mentor in the lawball game passed away after a battle with cancer brought on by his exposure to agent orange used by the Forset Service back in the early 1970's where he was cutting timber falling in the back country. He suffered from diabetes too in his last few years, and the meds he took to help that caused a problem this past year with his blood, the red cells were fine, the marrow produced the redcells, but the signal to replace the blood cells was absent from his brain to the marrow ergo he had to have a transfusion every 2-3 months, he refused the last one a few days before he passed away.

He was a mentor in more than the law, for the 15 years I studied with him on and off, he taught me about gold prospecting, about machine work as he was a self taught machinist, about making firearms [2 of his cohorts spent time in federal prison for making of "auto-matic" firearms, now all three are together again] he taught me to make some of the best moonshine and brandy there is in the area but above all he taught me about people and to watch for what he called "the law of reactions"..... "by doing people see and by seeing those people will do" he used to tell me, and he was right....... for the most part.

He came to this part of the world in the mid 1960's after selling the California Mattress factory for what was at that time a small fortune following an action that happened in 1952 in which his dad was involved. His dad and 2 others fellas, one who owned the local "house of ill repute" and was a former safe cracker, stole a safe from an attorney who had hired the safecracker to do an insurance job and stiffed him the money said to be in the safe..... they stole it in Denver and found their way to this area only to hit a road block and thought it was for them, when they hastily turned around they dropped it out of the pickup and into the Salmon River..... Where it still lays to this day due to a lawsuit and the recovery stopped by the Army Corps of Engineers and the corporation of the state of Idaho. Why am I telling this, because I have been to the place where the safe is, and know that most likely no one will ever recover it or at least not for many years.... but it is part of his legacy.

In 1992 he recorded the papers that re-found the Sovereign Republic of Jesus the Christ's Universal Government, The recording were by D.O.O.R. or the Divine Order Of Redemption. the first real test of DOOR was in the Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris incident 240 miles to the North in Naples. DOOR presented paperwork in the Federal Court and the court recognized DOOR, and proceeded to supeonea witnesses for the prosecution [and you all thought all this time that the great lawyer from Wyoming got Mr weaver all those witnesses to testify] The Writ of Mandamus was a short 13 pages, but it was by no means short on power, and the ripple effect made caused a judge to get cancer and die a short time after signing his name to that Order...... the federal government can be fickle that way. back in those days we did not have the internet or perhaps more folks would know about DOOR and the things we did, we were granted an Original copyright and patent by the united States for our writings, we minted a coin and were asked by the secret service to cease and desist [though no formal Order ever came about, nor did anything happen when we did not] We caused the price of Silver to jump a whole dollar for a month when we petitioned H. Ross Perot for a letter of credit to purchase silver for our coins [well someone had to profit i suppose]. The word got out a little, and the coin at least once was sent in to the treasury to pay part of the national debt off with no response, but not returned either....... Ronnie was always using people as test cases... he would tell us to put something on paper into the court, the after it was done and heard his comment was "you did what?... well what happened, what did they say or do" and we would go on to another hearing in an action and cause more grief for the judges [or at least grief for the attorney's in front of the judge]

Ronnie would be right here with me today as I embark on anew venture of refining gold and other precious metals in a newly found hobby, for we had covered such in part when we talked of using chemicals to recover gold from the rivers and creeks and so forth..... different chemicals than what I am learning about but the laws of physics and chemistry still apply the same. The knowledge that both Ronnie and granpa DJ had is lost forever to time, some is written and some passed along to people like myself, but the not all knowledge can be passed along at once, nor can everything be learned by anyone individual. I miss their company, sometimes we were known to talk about a subject for 15-18 hours into the night and the next day and for several days we could hash over the same things..... Ronnie gave me a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to read, you know the book that no one would print for Henry Ford so he bought the Dearborn press and put a copy in every model T sold..... When I read that book I told some folks that even if it was not a true book, some one read it and applied the things in it to the world and that is where we are at [and that was 15 years ago].

Ronnie was happy to know I still had the energy to fight in the court, he knew I had the appeal in progress and that they didnt want it so bad they returned my reply brief because it had the wrong color paper on the cover [so i fixed it from a light yellow to a cream cause the color they wanted is not available off the shelf] so we are still waiting for the Court of Appeals to act on it.....

Always wanting an adversary, Ronnie was one of a kind and unique in every way. People for the most part were afraid of him, not for what he was, but because very few people understood him or his ways, I only hope i can achieve part of what he did in life, hopefully he has the adversary he needed for eternity and beyond and Granpa DJ will probably be there backing him up as well.

more later