the lawball game has been harsh on my this year, losing ground and setting us into a panicy and hasty retreat to town to set up as best defense as we could, it has been tiring to say the least, but yet in the loss comes a victory, knowing that the only way we could have lost was the beligerent and outright compulsion of a judge to protect a foreign corporation against the fraud it committed. We are on appeal still with the coming year it still looks like we have a chance to regain the ground we lost and then some, however as corrupt as the court s are i do not pretend to be happy that i have the evidence in hand that can turn the suit around on a technicality yet.

It is far better to win on merits, however the very nature of taking a banking corporation on as an opponent is futile at best, for a win would mean a change in the very fabric of society it has come to think of as normal [i never have understood why the people of the several states have taken the fraud as normal] the money changers have done it so well that the people have given up freedom for security and expect no one to stand outside the box and try to change things for their self or family let alone for others who think they havesomething to lose [whatever that is they havent lost already].

Sometimes my knowledge seems extremist in that very few people can see what i do as the way things were once and still should be, relying on others to protect the freedoms and rights that are individual has put folks into the position of slave they are. Slave to the state, to the nation as a subject of the corporation, and slave to the banksters who have taken the very real tangible assets from the people and replaced those with notes of obligation of another corporation and have vieled the truth in enough mystery that the people believe the magicical hoax.

It is more than my own fight, and if you can view a copy of the film America Freedom to Facsism by Arron Russo, i suggest you do so. If you need a copy and cannot find one contact me and we shall see if i can help find one for you..... But are you ready to get mad? Ready to make a stand? Ready to take your life back into your own self determination? many people think they are but very few will actually do anything to start down that path. The LAW is simple. The Supreme Law of the land is over looked until you take a stand and make it what it was intended to be, and all the contrary code will fall by the wayside as it is far fetched to make a few people look like they are deserving of being given a reward for writing such drivel and kept on board for another year to do the same.... start with the constitution, and then read Marbury vs Madison 1803 united States Supreme court ruling, then your path will ignite as you open your eyes up to other things in the Lawball game.