Can it be done? yes, and yesterday i was losing ground until i used a phrase i had been reading and discusing with other folks who also appear "In Propia Persona, Sui Juris" or in their own right with all rights to compently contract in tact [no thats not the defintition you get in a law bokk its a boiled down defintion of my own] anyhow the judge was telling me that I had got everything i asked for in the Notice of appeal becuse there was no trial and I had asked for standard transcripts of ALL the hearing held in pre-trial, anyhow it was going south looking like i was not gonna get any of them which are pertinent to the appeal and my reversing the Orders the Judge gave out both Orally [written nowhere but on those hearing transcripts] and written, the oral orders are the ones that will get me a win on technicalites.... and my property back, let the banksters sue the state for their laywers incompetence and the bar for letting them have the licsense, not my problem. Anyhow in the course of things i decided right then and there to tell the judge that I have a contract with the court for the court to provide those hearing transcripts as requested on the Notice of hearing, and through the granting of the "In Forma Pauperis" so the county/state picks up the tab for the several hundred pages of transcripts which will be delivered....

CONTRACT the word made the judge jump, fgacial expression changed and he immeadiately changed his tone and demeanor and told me he would immeadiately have the one hearing transcibed that i was appealing from, and if i wanted any others to submit the exact dates of those within one week to him in writing..... very powerful what i said, or how i said it.... as much as ive been in front of those courts and in the gallery studying the words that others say in the "theater" especailly the attorners, I come closer each time to understanding the inner workings of that evil black cloaked darkness that has enslaved the people of the several states through their own ignorance.....

My mentor once told me, we all are running around in circular room trying to find the answer in the corner, yet all we have to do is look up and there is no roof, just a short wal to jump over.... and we are free, I believe that the contract that people dont know they have is that key..... i have only just begun to understand the hidden contracts of the corporation through the social insecurity administration, a trust in which the cardholder is the "trustee" and the beneficiary is the agency fund.... banksters rely on the trustee to slave themselves to that number, and the corporation requires that numnber to recive some of the 132 privledges as it sees fit associated with that number..... yes it is now required to be compliant with the new governement [corporate] agency of homeland insecurity... but once understanding the contract and what it is, a person gets one step closer to actually not being a slave to the "federal corporation" and its counterpart of each "corporate state" as opposed to each once independant state republics [however they are still there if you want them to be].

Lawball is a wonderful game to play if you keep the procedure done properly, ive missed a couple steps here and there, had a few stebacks, and yet after yesterday i am making headway and am one step closer to getting back the proerty taken unlawfully from my family under fraud.

There is always hope, never give up.


Central idaho Republic