sounds intriguing right? boring maybe, over most peoples head so they never really read the contents or they skim over the bulk of the wording just reading it here and there believing the words mean the same as they did once upon a time back in grammar school when Mrs Smith taught us in English class...... but verbiage is the language of contracts, words appear the same and mean something completely different, but that is The Lawball Game, it promotes controversy, the way attorners make their income is from controversy. The days of a handshake and verbal contract are far behind the people of today, at age 44 i can remember such a contract, and still hear of such once in awhile today, but not for anything important.

I have heard some people who have gold and silver bullion stashed watching the skyrocketing inflation hoping that soon the Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Denomination [FRAUD] will plummet into history and then they can trade their metal into the worthless paper and pay off their mortgage..... well they never read their contracts, and while for the most part they can put those "current" FRAUDs into a bank account and boost the number in the account and then draw the account down with a "negotiable instrument" [check] and make a mortgage payment, they really have not paid in FRAUDs...... but their mortgage note if they read it does not allow payment in "currency" it demands payment in "lawful money of the united States of America" meaning that since everyone knows the FRAUDs are only evidence of an obligation of the united states and traded as if they were "cash, lawful money of the united states" that once that "currency" has devalued and is no longer the current trading stamp, the banks and mortgage companies will not accept such paper for payment on a mortgage note, because the people ha vent read the VERBAGE in the contract they signed.....

And another good real estate pickle that 99.9% of the people get themselves into is a purchase contract that usually reads "For the sum of ten dollars cash lawful money, and other valuable considerations...." just when did you pay ten dollars cash lawful money? the lawyer says oh it is just a formality..... really? well for such a formality you just denied yourself a Trial by Jury in matters of controversy EXCEEDING 20 DOLLARS. nope you bought the property for only 10 dollars, however some are still written as "for the sum of Twenty Dollars and other valuable considerations......" get your s out and look, then if you can put your place on the market and run like the dickens when someone else buys it..... and when you buy another place, well then have the VERBIAGE of the CONTRACT corrected to read in part "..... For the sum of 21 Dollars and other valuable considerations....." hey if the lawyer balks cause it really doesn't matter as he says, then find a new lawyer or write the contract yourself, or since it doesn't matter so much then they wont mind correcting the verbiage..... will they..... And you are then put in a position for something that others will be eventually denied.....

Now back to thinking you can "re-pay" your mortgage with FRAUDs.... since 12 USC 411 acknowledges that federal reserve notes CAN BE TRADED for lawful money of the united States, then it has be true that FRAUDs are not lawful money, but obligations as stated therein. it has been this way a long time and people are ignorant, people deserve what they get in the end, because they rely upon someone else to take care of the details and have a belief that there will never be a problem with them paying off the PROMISSORY note they "executed" and bound to the property they bought by a mortgage "DEED OF TRUST" which if a person reads the laws surround such a deed of trust a person will find that it is not a trust at all, because a trust would protect all parties and the beneficiary could not change the "trustee" at all..... trustee is the person put in charge to make sure that all parties do their part right? wrong..... not in real estate mortgages..... they only protect the beneficiary and do not care for the people who signed the note and in some cases are so arrogant that they refuse to follow the laws of the state, knowing that their "brethren" another lawyer who has become a judge will uphold their actions even if they have to give up a cut of the transaction under the table...... after all who is gonna report a bribe to the judge when it is doe all the time? its just business practices right?

If the papers you sign for a contract do not contain a definition clause then the verbiage is open to interpretation by any lawyer, and any judge. If you end up in Court sometimes when the mortgage company or collector is from a different state their lawyers will try to have a different states laws become the ruling factor in the action, above all make the state you reside in laws be the controlling laws, for then the supreme court of that state can make the decision if the lower court judge is corrupt and plows you over....... if the supreme court will take the action cause they like they secure feeling they get from being surrounded by the banksters.

Read the contract before you and your partner sign it, then put a line through anything you don't like, initial it, and sign on the line, if the offering company does not like it, then an agreement cannot be met, after all you are borrowing your own money, the bank can not loan you any of their investors money.... it is the law..... don't believe me, then you better research a few more items. If everyone would stand up against the banksters and the "Money Changers" the world would still spin and the sun would come up tomorrow and the power would shift back to the people, not the corporate banksters who will not take back the same currency they give out for re-payment on a debt. A person cannot discharge a debt with another debt [obligation] the debt can only be discharged with limited liability, so the FRAUD cannot be used after it collapses and you can purchase a wheelbarrow of it for a ounce of silver....... better make a new plan my friends, get out of debt whilst it is still feasible to do so and do not get back in..... sell the house, sell the car, buy a chunk of ground for few hundred FRAUDs [some people think they still have some value] in a remote part of the country, build a roof over a tent and ride a bicycle to town, work for minimum wage and buy what you can not grow and haul water back to the tent.... got a few more FRAUDs then build a shack and put up some solar panels.... declare bankruptcy if you can and get out of the debt you have left, most likely you wont lose the piece of ground that is not improved on..... talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about what you can and can not have for possessions..... it is surprising how much a person or couple can keep without losing it all.... been there done that and we are better off by a little, just looking for the piece of ground i just wrote about..... as renting and cost of raising 3 kids is eating away the meager funds we bring into the family each month as prices rise we lose a little more ground, all from a bad contract and failure to fully understand that contract when we signed it....... never again..... hopefully.

More later and hopefully sooner... comments are welcome, as with anything else i can be wrong and admit that i do not know EVERYTHING and I AM NOT A LAWYER, nor do i play one on television.