Our newest blogger is... me.

I can be very opinionated and do so enjoy going on a rant every now and then, so I decided that I'd do my own blog. One of the things it shows is how survival related topics do not have to as technical to still be on topic.

I've used, and will continue to use a very first person conversation style, complete with jokes and drifting off on to tangents and a few asides when I post. Each post will be complete with what passes for my sense of humor.

For those who may be considering a blog but are not sure if you can pull it off look at my blog and see what a not at all professional style is like. I think you will find that you can handle doing a blog. Blogs can be much more than just facts and technical information.

If you're interested but not sure give it a try and let our bloggers give you some input, you may very well find out that people will be interested in reading your blog. Then if you decide to have your blog go public we will list it.