Internet Explorer, hereafter referred to as Internet Exploder or IE, has many known issues with displaying web pages that use the latest web standards. Microsoft has also stated that it will not support the latest standards CSS 2 by W3C, which is the internet standards organization - the people that come up with display standards.

With Internet Exploder being the dominant browser out there and having the largest number of users this presents a problem for web designers and web masters. In order to use the latest features, software (message forums, blogs, etc) or the latest design standards you are going to have to make changes in what you want to do or what you can use.

If you design a page to look right based on the standards there is a very good, almost 100%, chance that at least something will look bad or different to someone who is using Internet Exploder. This is an issue with Microsoft and IE, not an issue with standards. For Microsoft to make IE standards compliant is a big undertaking, Firefox is under 2 mb to download while Internet Exploder is at least 6 mb.

The dilema for software makers, web designers and web masters is what to do. Most of your users or visitors are going to be using IE to view your product. Do you compromise on the look and feel of your software or web site? Do you possibly alienate IE users by saying too bad, get a better browser?

Most software makers, web designers and web masters seem to have decided that they will do what they can to make their product display properly in IE but only to the point where making it display properly in IE breaks the standards and causes issues with standards compliant browsers. Some have decided to more or less ignore IE, Microsoft can either fix their software or lose market share to the new standards compliant browsers. If Microsoft loses enough market share to new standards compliant browsers then it will have to fix its browser or get out of the browser business.

For more information on Microsoft IE standards issues and where Microsoft is headed and what their position is see this article at

Yes, Virginia, there is a fix
At least one person has come up with a fix to the IE display issues with the latest standards. Dean Edwards has come out with his IE7 patch that can be implemented in sites to fix many of the display issues with IE. See for more information on Dean's IE7.

We will be attempting to implement Dean's IE7 to make Blogs display properly to people using IE as their browser. It won't make everything work properly so we suggest that you go ahead and download Firefox. Firefox is standards compliant, free, stable, smaller, uses less resources than IE and feature rich. It is also updated and improved much faster than is possible with IE.

For more on the W3C standards see