Introduction to Survival-Communications & Motivation

I have been asked by Canuck to open this new “Blog”, and I am glad to be of service to you, the public, who this information is directed toward. I have recommended that our blog be titled as above so that we can be more open to what we have to say herein. I like best the term “motivation”, for this is something that is dear to my heart as a leader in the resistance. In fact, the term motivation will permeate most of our writings, for the American people have been dumbed down to the extent that they need much motivation to retrieve the desire to survive on a personal level.

Communications is one of the most important subjects within the survival concept, for the old axion of “SHOOT-MOVE-COMMUNICATE” is basic to war collage instruction. We will for the most part refrain from getting too technical about certain details concerning radio specs etc, and will offer you research links so that will give you personal research information.

I desire that you communicate with other people that are concerned with the desire to live through any type of emergency that might come our way. A link for you on this matter is the Community Net. This is a radio net for licensed Amateur operators on 28.305.0 mghz, and this net is at 2100 hrs. on Monday nights on upper side band. You must be a licensed Ham operator to check into the net. But others can listen on a scanner that scans that frequency range.

There is no reason what so ever, for anyone not acquiring a FCC radio license for the Amateur frequencies these days, for there is NOT a Morse Code requirement any longer to get your license. Just study for and pass the tests, which are for the Technicians License, General License, and the Extra License.

I can not stress too much the depth of importance of the subject of communications. The history of the Hurricane Katrina should give ALL of us enough information to be able to make good decisions for the future. I do not have to go into details concerning that for you to make good decisions concerning the need for radio commo on a personal and independent level.

David KE5NNZ