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Info about Canuck

Real name: Canuck In Denver

Website: http://www.survivalistssite.com/~canuck/


I'm the host, administrator and chief designer of SurvivalistsSite.com which I host for a friend. I am also a Blogger.

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From my Community Pages:
I've been interested in survival since I was a kid growing up in the country. Surrounded by farms, trees, streams and all those things that made my boyhood fun... and dangerous. I've gotten caught in snap blizzards with zero visibility as a kid, obviously I lived to talk about it. I went hiking and camping with my friends and with my Wolf Cub pack when I was a kid. When I was older I went hiking and camping with my friends and with the Wolf Cub and Scout troop I was a leader of. I taught my Wolf Cubs and Scouts about survival and went beyond what was covered in the Scouts Canada manuals.

I've been on the survival newsgroups since 1996, as Canuck In Denver since 2000. I've visited hundreds of survival and emergency preparedness websites over the years. Many have come and gone during those years, but a few good ones have remained through it all. Every website has it's own feel and character, I think SurvivalistsSite.com is unique in that it offers anyone the chance to have a Blog or Community Page and is more of a community in that respect.

I guess you could say that I've been a survivalist for as long as I can remember. As a kid I always had a pocket knife, lighter, extra clothes and some food and water with me when I went anywhere. I knew how to build a fire, make a fishing pole and hooks and catch some fish to eat if worst came to worst, did I mention I HATE fish unless it is "Fish 'N Chips"? Part of the reason I always carried some gear was that with the exception of school I was as far away from my house as I could get, and living in the country that could mean trouble. We built shelters and all those things you need to live fairly comfortably in the wilderness, it was just what we did. Later in life once I had a car I always had some food, water, extra clothes, tools and spare parts for the car in the trunk. I became pretty good at working on my car. I developed more survival related skills when I spent time in the Society for Creative Anachronism and did medieval recreation for about 10 years... "primitive" camping with medieval technology taught me a few things.

My Community Pages:
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