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They are officially calling this the "Blizzard of 2006" and are saying that it may very well be the 3rd worst snow storm in Denver's history. There was about 2 feet of snow dropped on the Denver area with drifts making it worse. As of noon Thursday there were still a few people trapped in their cars out there.

I start work at 6:15 AM and I went in yesterday. I left work at 9:15 AM. On the way home I stopped in at Wal-Mart and picked ups some canned stuff, 4 gallons of water, 2 gallons of milk and some cookies for the kids. I also picked up some movies that came out this week... if I'm going to get snowed in for a couple of days I figure I might as well watch a couple of movies.

At the worst we'll be snowed in until Friday, the roads may take longer to clear with the Denver Metro area having about 5 snow plows, but we'll be fine. Lots of candles, propane, charcoal and food as well as the fire place... plus lots of blankets and sleeping bags if we lose power.

Looks like it will be a white Christmas.

With the wind blowing the snow is up to 6 feet deep in some areas - about 5 feet on my deck.

Much of the Denver Metro area is closed. You can view the road conditions, closures and traffic cams from around the state at which has a number of DOT cameras you can view. The local Fox station has live updates on their website

The governor declared a "disaster emergency" yesterday and called out the National Guard to help with starnded motorists.

The snow is still coming down, not much but enough to add more snow to the accumulation. I called in to work this morning on the "I ain't gonna be in today line" and said "It's the 'Blizzard of 2006', I have 5 feet of snow around my house and can't get in." I LOVE snow days.

The latest weather forcast from the knobs, I mean "meteorologists", at the NWS say it will be a low of 12 tonight, currently it's 29.2 on my front porch (high and out of the wind) with a light wind but "they" say gusts up to 20 mph. Tonight will have winds in the 6-10 mph range which gives a winchill of 4 to -6 depending on whether you use the new or the old windchill calculations. I call the "meteorologists" knobs for the simple reason that they are usually wrong, they either overestimate or underestimate most major storms or they're just plain dead wrong. I say this having grown up with one of the top 10 meteorologists in the world for a father... and even he couldn't predict the weather with any better accuracy.

Normally I wear a polar fleece or two to work, yesterday I wore my regular polar fleece and my Cabela's down parka to work. I met two of the guys at the elevator and one said (paraphrased so as not to swear) "Uh oh, we're fubared" when he saw me in the parka, and he's usually well spoken. As I was leaving work at 9:15 AM yesterday I said "Nanook of the north says it is time to get out of here." My gut/instinct said this was going to be a good snow storm, and I trust my gut/instinct, whenever I don't I end up wishing I had so I bugged out from work.

Wednesday night

View out the side door (can't see much due to the snow on the glass)

Side door open (the Webber is covered in snow and the Brinkman is under the tarp)

view out the front door (that big bush in the center is about 8 feet high)

view out a rear window (yeah that's my lawn mower under a rubbermaid)

Wednesday night

You can see how much snow has built up on the Brinkman grill

My Golden Retriever walking through the path we had to shovel so she can do her bizness. The highest part of the "mound" of snow on the right is between 4 and 5 feet high... that's some good driftage.

Thursday afternoon

My Golden Retriever who loves the snow

The Webber and the Brinkman grills... I know they're there... guess I won't be grilling tonight

The corner where the house and the garage meet... wish there was a door from the house to the garage

The side of the garage roof... and my door to the garage (regualr size door with a raised deck so you have to duck)

Straight on view of the back of the garage... yep it's about 5 feet of snow due to blowing and drifting

The rest of the deck along the side of the house... you can just see the corner of the hot tub by the hanging light

A better view of the hot tub... there are high back patio chairs on the left.. I swear!

A view out the front... the poor bush is flat, we call it Cousin Itt

There are two cars there, honest!

The neighbor has a newer Ford Taurus... really, they do!

View out a window of my lawn mower... not much to see.

A close up of the lawn mower... all you can see is the handle and the rubbermaid over the motor

Same window, corner of the back yard (yeah it's a small back yard)

I know there's a hot tub out there somewhere! (different window)

The other corner of the back yard

A view out my office window, window is a few inches above the ground... that low dip in the snow is a foot from the bottom of the window... and the window is cracked - lots of duct tape on it now.