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January 2019

Since 2005 has been helping people prepare and providing message forums and other methods for members to discuss issues and learn from each other.

Over the years the members have changed - members have left, new members have joined, and old members have come back. was my way of giving back to the community I was part of, had learned from, and that sparked a lot of good conversations with.

In the last few years usage has dropped off, many of the sites that were around when started disappeared years ago, but this site stood the test of time. With people going to Facebook, Twitter and read only blogs, forums are no longer used much. has had few new posts in the past year. if the interest and usage isn't there it is hartd to justify the commitment needed to run a site with message forums.

The forum software is fairly customized, which means upgrading to the newest version is a lot of work. For two months I worked on upgrading the forum software without any luck, what should have taken a week has been two months and no clear solution in place other than a lot more time or spending money to have it done. Neither is a viable option.

What's here will remain until the domain expires or I decide on another option. After 14 years is closing shop.

Feel free to keep in touch if you want, my email will work until the domain expires.

canuck at survivalistssite dot com

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